"3Ts for IT": International Research with 3000+ IT Experts

Non-profit research group IT insider international starts great research for IT executives in summer 2014.

"Tactics, Talents, Tools" research will be based on survey of the 3000 C-level IT professionals involved in software projects management around the world.

The main idea of this research is to find out the answers to the most interesting and exciting project management questions. And then, share its results with participants.

3Ts research will cover 3 main areas of project management (PM): Tactics for managing project risks, Talents management challenges and usage of different Tools for PM.

The aims of research are to help international IT professionals:

- to get in-depth understanding of the latest trends in software projects' management,
- to compare experiences of multiple team's tactics for managing project risks,
- to explore different practices in management of remote and in-house teams,
- to find out what are most popular and useful tools used for software projects management.

Right now the project is on the stage of gathering participants. And IT insider International invites CTOs, CIOs, Product managers, Project managers, VPs of engineering, CEOs join them as an expert: http://itinsiderinternational.org/.

About IT insider International: Non-profit research group initiated and supported by DevelopEx consulting company for IT. The group's audience are: IT experts (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, product & project managers) interested in improving of projects management skills and leadership in IT.
Link: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/IT-Insider-International-n...

About DevelopEx: Ukrainian IT consultancy and development company was founded in 2001 year. Provides full-range IT consulting services for clients from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other.

Research support team:
Olga Derevinska
Oksana Malysheva
Kirill Voykin

Categories: Computer Software

Tags: IT management research, Software Project Management, team management

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