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3D Printing Materials is important to the success of 3D Revolution.

3D Printing! 3D Printing! Everyone has been talking about 3D Printing. Talking about how it can be the next industrial revolution. Corporations wish to take advantage of it for cost reductions. Medical sector hopes to print organs to save lives. Meat or food printing production is an ambitious goal of the food industry. As long it is a physical object, 3D printing enthusiasts will bring it to life.

As 3D technology matured, the quality of the 3D printing materials becomes the fuel of the 3D printing revolution. BotFeeder understands the importance of 3D filament quality and has its own professional manufacture team based in Taiwan. From the choice of resin, BotFeeder only chooses the world leading resin manufacturer. PA-747 is the standard grade of BotFeeder ABS Material. PA-747 is commonly accepted grade for all 3D printers. The production of 3D printing materials is closely monitored and controlled under 0.05mm tolerance. On top, drying treatment is in place to maintain its best quality. All BotFeeder 3D printing materials are manufactured and packaged in Taiwan to ensure top quality and consistency.

BotFeeder is determined and dedicated to give 3D users the best experience. Allowing businesses to run their production worry-free with 3D technology. Providing a safe environment for our coming generations to learn 3D technology. Let everyone to enjoy 3D printing. It should be as easy as clicking of a button.

In short, even the best technology needs the best fuel to support it. BotFeeder is capable and willing to be the best fuel of the world for 3D printing industry.

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