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3D Printed Dental Surgical Drill Guides Are Easy Now

Dental 3D Solutions has just published an infographic online that illustrates the step by step process of ordering their easy-to-use 3D printed dental surgical drill guides.

Dental 3D Solutions recently published on their website an easy to follow infographic about ordering 3D printed surgical drill guides at that illustrates to dentists how to order a 3D printed dental surgical drill guide.

The infographic walks a dentist, dental hygienist, or lab technician through the entire process of getting the 3D printed drill guide for a specific patient or case - from placing the order to scanning and planning the placements with a D3D staff member - right up to the surgery itself. Additional questions can be answered by the staff at Dental 3D Solutions.

As 3D printing has found applications in more and more industries, innovative dentist have begun using the technology to print surgical drill guides custom fitted to their patients. Using 3D printed dental surgical drill guides is an incredibly efficient procedure that makes it easy for the dentist to drill more safely and precisely. It also provides the following benefits:

• Reduced Chair Time
• Fast Turnaround - 5 days upon receipt of complete data
• One set price, regardless of the number of implants
• No expensive kit necessary
• Experienced dentist on staff to help plan and execute the case

To help dentists through the process of ordering 3D printed surgical drill guides, from building the scan appliance to creating the intraoral scan of the patient's mouth, Dental 3D Solutions created the easy to follow infographic with step by step instructions. To view the infographic about the process of ordering a 3D printed dental surgical drill guide, click here


If you'd like to learn more about 3D printed dental surgical drill guides, how dentists are using them, or how to order one, contact Jaime Cobden at (281) 674-7252 or by email at

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