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3D Fashion Artists Jeantrix, Partners With Photographer Al Rodriguez to Present 'Lucid Dreams' During New York Fashion Week

The presentation of Jeantrix's first ever ready-to-wear collection will feature print work of industry esteemed photographer, Al Rodriguez

3D Fashion artists, Jeantrix, partners with noted fashion and celebrity photographer, Al Rodriguez (, to present their specialty line, JTX FW13 collection, Lucid Dreams.

For years, the dynamic duo has consistently impressed fashion enthusiasts with their mystical expressions. The freshman collection of JTX, Lucid dreams is a colorful tale of dreams manifested into reality. The designers guide us on a beautiful interpretation of consciousness as romances between vivid colors and textures are displayed. JTX is not short of the signature corset that has grown the designers to such success.

"We have always desired to present the most original expression of our vision. The difference with JTX is that (originality) has married the everyday fashion enthusiast." says M. Wiley, Jeantrix's Creative Director. Jeantrix has always produced their own annual fashion shows. To-date they have produced over 7 fashion shows which include 3 New York Fashion week presentations. Their clothing has been featured and headlined in over 100 fashion shows all over the globe, from Boston to Bermuda.

The presentation of their first ever ready-to-wear collection will feature print work of industry esteemed photographer, Al Rodriguez. In addition, the evening will be filmed and streamed live by production company, Mind of Who Productions.

"In an effort to best capture the 3-D effects emanating from the Lucid Dreams line, we will be incorporating the use of mixed media in the forms of video, photography print, art installations, and of course live models wearing the JTX collection. Together they work in tandem to capture the artistry flowing from each piece. Simple flash photography will not suffice, but rather a 4-prong media approach," explains photographer Al Rodriguez.

The invitation only event to be presented during NYFW / FW13 will premiere the evening of Monday, February 11th, 2013 at Gallery MC in Midtown Manhattan.

About Jeantrix Clothing Company - Jeantrix is a clothing line which originated out of the Philadelphia area. It is run by 2 head designers N¥ce and Hømm who also own the line. The 2 designers began making clothing in 2003 as a hobby starting with just one pair of sneakers. It has since grown to become one of the biggest fashion icons in the United States. Described by many magazines as edgy, couture, pop-art, or avant garde, the term the duo prefers is 3D clothing. N¥ce and Hømm also prefer to be called 'fashion artists', since their clothing is very articulate and artistic. Jeantrix gained a desire for their unique pieces from celebrities throughout the Fashion + Entertainment industries. The idea of marrying exclusive expression with an everyday enthusiast led Jeantrix to employ the creative services of Brand Manager, Marcus Wiley. Arriving from his engagement as a Brand Ambassador to Louis Vuitton North America, Marcus joined the team in 2012. For more info contact

About Al Rodriguez Photography - Al Rodriguez Photography is a full-spectrum creative and professional photography services company providing fashion, editorial, beauty and glamour photography services out of New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. For more information, contact:

About Mind of Who Productions - Mind of Who is a full service production company whose mission is to inspire and mentally stimulate their audience minds while at the same time encouraging universal change. They capture the beauty of "ART" and "Creativity" through visually moving images while also entertaining the masses.



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