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30 Minute Heat Offers Circuit Training for Women With Busy Schedules

The 30 Minute Hit is currently offered on free trial for women all over the world who want to become stronger and healthier.

Kickboxing, boxing, general self-defense and core stability training are proven methods for achieving good health and improved strength. Boxing and kickboxing, in particular, are among the most effective cardiovascular workouts that can decrease health risks when performed at least 30 minutes three times a week. These techniques however, are often limited to men and used to be less popular among modern-day women, particularly those who live busy lives.

The "30 Minute Hit" paved the way for a revolutionary change in women's health and physical fitness routines. The brainchild of Jackson and Deanna Loychuk in 2004, the 30 Minute Hit is considered one of the most efficient, effective and empowering workouts currently available to women anywhere.

The circuit training for women was originally developed based on Jackson's many years of boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and fitness instruction. With women of all ages fitness levels and skill levels in mind, the revolutionary circuit centered around Deanna's desire to train while contending with her uncompromising schedule and responsibilities - a common challenge faced by all of today's modern women.

In time for the approaching summer season, the circuit training is offered on Free Trial so women can sweat it out and shape up in just 30 minutes without having to adjust their busy schedules. With this no-obligation trial offer, women everywhere can experience the difference with the 30 Minute Hit.

"Until the 30 Minute Hit, women who wanted the benefits of what has become recognized as one of the best fitness formats available, were stuck in a man's world forced to tolerate inflexible class schedules, train with leering men twice their size, and pay expensive fees for training that was not always the right fit," Deanna said. The 30 Minute Hit has managed to create a comfortable and inspiring environment where women can sweat, learn, burn, and smile their way to results they never thought possible," she added.

The 30 Minute Hit is in 36 locations all over the United States, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec, with members expressing their satisfaction over the circuit training.

To find out more about the 30 Minute Hit circuit training for women, please visit http://www.30minutehit.com for information and to join through the free trial offer.

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