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3 Tips To Fix Baseball Throwing Problems

An errant throw can decide the ball game. Normally, it is pretty simple to improve a player's throwing accuracy.

An errant throw can decide the ball game. Normally, it is pretty simple to improve a player's throwing accuracy.

Sometimes baseball fielding tips get overlooked and I never could quite figure out why.

Does not an inadequate throw that enables an important set the player back score count as much on the scoreboard as being a hit in key moments to knock in a crucial run?

Here are some common throwing problems players usually faced and which can be fixed easily.

1. Throws Overthrown and Sailing High

There is certainly a great chance that the player is not raising his throwing elbow to shoulder height.

Such mistake has been witnessed time and again.

There used to be a top school varsity game a few years ago.

In that game, the first baseman was throwing grounders to his infielder between innings.

He threw them a complete set of 8 grounders. Out of those throws returning to him, 4 of them sailed high.

Guess what?

When executing all 4 of those high throws, each one of them was due to the fact that the infielder failed to raise his throwing elbow high enough.

Those throws were high and four elbows were high enough to shoulder.

Most fans watching those replays on could spot that mistake instantly.

In many cases, one might notice the infielder failed to raise his elbow high enough when coming up with the throw.

Just remember Elbow Too Low, Ball High. In essence, the ball has been pushed instead of actually thrown.

Another possibility for overthrowing the target is that the player may be releasing the ball before his landing foot hits the floor.

This will cause his release to be too soon, hence resulting in a higher throw.

2. Under Throwing the Ball

The root problem is the player's release point. If he releases the ball too late, his throw will almost certainly be too low.

Another strong possibility is that his front shoulder is dipping below his throwing shoulder. If it dips, there is a strong probability that his throw will be low and less than his target.

Whenever possible, ensure his shoulders stay level during the entire throwing motion.

3. Practising On Throws

Like all sports, there is really no substitute for spending time practising on throws.

If the player does this everyday, he will certainly improve and become a much better player.

This is probably the simplest yet most critical baseball fielding strategy for improving throwing.

If creating a catch with someone, strive for the left shoulder. Then the right followed by left hip, right hip, etc.

Every time the player throws a baseball, he needs to have a target in his mind and sights as focal point.

If throwing erratically, the issue could very well be within the player's footwork. Not getting their feet setup properly is definitely a common problem, especially with youngsters.

Their feet are certainly not set whenever they throw the ball due to their impatience to execute the throw too fast. Doing so without proper balance and foundation produces poor results.

As stated earlier, the player should keep his shoulders level and make them square to his target.

He should also ensure his front feet are pointing to his intended target along with his back foot aligned like he is selecting the pitching rubber.

Once again, each time he throws a baseball, he should focus his eyes on the target beside correct shoulders posture.

This one very easy task will certainly work wonders.

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