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3 Sports Psychology 'Take Aways' From The 2012 Ryder Cup, Monday Night Football And The Dallas Cowbo

Go fast or go home. Sports Psychology from PGA and NFL

"In two days we were able to watch top players in the world of PGA Golf and NFL football let the mental game steal victory from their hands," says Todd Stofka Sports Performance Expert

The Americans in the 2012 Ryder Cup experienced a sizeable lead evaporate coming into the last day. Within a couple of holes the Americans dominating confidence and play was lost to a confident European Team.

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys let a Monday night home NFL game fizzle. When you're playing at home with the Cowboy fans at your back, it's time to use that energy to win. Unfortunately, Romo did not have the leadership to bring the Cowboys around and they lose an ugly game to the Chicago Bears.

3 Sports Psychology "Take Aways" from the 2012 Ryder Cup, Monday Night Football and the Dallas Cowboys

1. Having a reason to play.

The European Ryder Cup team and PGA captain Jose Maria Olazabal made this Cup about Seve Ballesteros. This gave Europe a purpose to play especially in a unique style of golf that is about being a team instead of just an individual competition.

When individuals and teams decree a purpose, their will can be unstoppable. Without that purpose most players will not have the drive to succeed.

2. Finishing strong.

The ability to encourage teammates and finish strong evaporated from the Americans at the Ryder Cup within a couple of holes and it happened early as Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys threw several interceptions.

This is about you seeing the finish line and you going over it. The match/game is not over after a few mistakes, however even these top professional players allowed themselves to fall victim to not rising up for the team and finishing with a fight.

3. Managing Mistakes.

Life and sports all contain mistakes. Missed putts and dropped footballs. These types of errors set back a lot of great players. However, typically the ones that pull out the victory are the ones who manage their errors.

A needed skill is to teach players to forget. Forget the mistake and remember what the desired results you want to have happen.

Even still it makes for great sports entertainment along with live material to improve the mental training of all athletes.

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