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3-D Metal Art Kickstarter Project

Raising funds through Kickstarter to fund an art house working in metal.

Thomas Wheeler, is very excited about his new 3-D Metal Art KICKSTARTER project. After meeting his funding goal of $18,000, a computer numerical control (CNC), automatic plasma burning table will be purchased that will become a cornerstone of a local art production house working in various metals including copper, aluminum, brass, and steel, both galvanized steel and black iron. Thomas has been a union sheet metal worker for over 30 years and has used this type of technology in an industrial setting, but has always recognized it's artistic potential. The first time he saw this type of machine the cost was hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today the price has fallen into the thousands of dollar range. With that price drop, Thomas felt that the CNC technology was within reach and could make the dream come true to create unique metal art in the Murrysville, PA area.

Thomas has been selling on eBay for over ten years and has 100% feedback from over 1000 different customers. He also sell antiques and uniques at E.N.Millers Antique Mall, a popular local antique outlet. Initially, he will be utilizing both outlets to sell his artwork. He is also in the process of building his own website to sell his artwork. A long term goal would be to grow to the point where he can hire extra workers and create some jobs in the area.

KICKSTARTER is a crowd funding site where ordinary people can donate funds to projects they feel are worthy and by pooling small donations can launch those projects into the real world. Any donations will be held until the end of the funding period and if the funding goal is met will be released to the project creator. If the funding goal is not met, 100% all donations will be returned to the donors. Donations from sponsors will be accepted until Feb. 27 ,2014 at 6:35 PM EST. You can check out the project description at


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