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24 Hour Dentist Brisbane Service Gives Patients Every Reason to Smile

MGA Family Dental welcomes Brisbane and South Gold patients in need of emergency dental care and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arguably among of the most pressing health issues that require emergency care are dental problems. Needless to say, all teeth troubles need immediate attention to prevent further damage - and no one wants to endure hours of pain and discomfort. Many times, however, patients are forced to do just that in the absence of immediate dental aid. Most dental clinics run on regular business hours, making patients wait until the morning for a dentist to check and get rid of the problem.

For over 10 years, MGA Family Dental has become the go-to clinic for patients who seek emergency service. Started in 2002, the team is privileged to be the emergency dentist Brisbane major Accident and Emergency Hospitals call on.

MGA Family Dental offers top-rated dental practices operating on weekdays and weekends, while also taking clients at various times of the day. The team of specialists understands that dealing with dental pain of any type can be frustrating, and that getting emergency dental treatment from a quality 24 hour dentist Brisbane is important.

Importantly, MGA Family Dental recognizes that an important issue in emergency dental care Brisbane is pain free dentistry. As such, the MGA Family Dental Practice attends to all emergencies quickly and efficiently.

"We understand that people, for a number of reasons, can feel nervous or even phobic about receiving dental treatment," explains the team. "Whether it's because of a negative childhood experience, anxiety about having injections or experiencing pain, our goal is to identify and use our expertise to address these concerns."

As the top emergency dentists trusted by South Brisbane and Gold Coast patients, MGA Family Dental can carry out emergency treatment for fractured, chipped or broken tooth. The professionals can perform the correct dental surgery needed to resolve virtually any tooth injury,
24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Apart from offering the very best in Emergency dental treatments, MGA Family Dental also specialises in General, Cosmetic and Preventative services all weekend, including Sunday.

To find out more about the trusted emergency dental services in Brisbane, please visit for information.

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