20th Century Fox's 'Machete' To Face Indie 'Ocho Loco'

Indie film production company EuroCine10 sets the stage for a "bloody appropriate" response to Machete's "left leaning" machinations.

As Robert Rodriguez' firebrand yarn waits to assault fall audiences, EuroCine10 is busy setting the stage for what they say promises to be a "bloody appropriate" response to Machete's "left leaning" machinations.

"Ocho Loco" takes place in a small Arizona border town and follows the exploits of a decorated American soldier as he returns home from war and is forced to confront a group of people responsible for committing life-changing atrocities against his family.

"Everyone was aware of the Rodriguez project. We asked around and found a writer who was familiar with the script and worked from there," EuroCine10 investor Stephen Ross said.

"Creating a response to 'Machete' is appealing because the story in many ways parallels what is going on in parts of Europe and the UK. With modern culture being so closely linked to world politics, 'Ocho Loco' has too much going for it not to pursue," Ross said.

Unlike the Fox film due out in September, "Ocho Loco" directs its ire at those responsible for instigating mayhem rather than those who help perpetuate it. That doesn't mean the Powers That Be skate through the film unscathed.

"Everyone is fair game. The body count is viciously high. The writer was tasked with creating an Oliver Stone style docudrama that exudes Pascal Laugier's flair for the extreme," Ross said.

"The script turned out brilliant."

EuroCine10 partners Dietrich Brandt and Flavio Giordano recently completed a two month director search and are said to have settled on an Italian filmmaker Giordano worked with in the past.

Whether "Ocho Loco" is produced in the U.S. or abroad remains to be seen, though Giordano said ruling out foreign production would be foolish. "The entire film could very easily be shot in Italy," he said.

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