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Barry Brace, DMD & Associates offers top-of-the-line dental services in St. Louis, Missouri, focusing on cosmetic dentistry detailed at

Not all people are fortunate enough to have been born with the flawless set of teeth of perfect structure. While others may have been endowed with sound oral health, factors such as aging, smoking and liquor drinking take a toll on the teeth causing discoloration and stains. Others also suffer from tooth loss due to poor hygiene or medical conditions.

While regular dentists offer general dentistry services, they are not trained to fix cosmetic dental problems with traditional dental procedures. In this regard, it pays to turn to a highly capable cosmetic dentistry expert who offers the long-lasting a reliable solution that can radically change one's life for the better.

Dr. Barry Brace is a trusted dental practitioner in St. Louis, Missouri, specializing in cosmetic dentistry. For over 20 years, has been a leading dental implants St Louis expert, providing topnotch services to residents with his cosmetic and family dental practice, detailed at

Happy patients are a testament to Dr. Brace's top quality dental services. Being one of them, Emilie S. drops a note: "Dr. B., just an extra thank you for really caring for me and my smile! I appreciate how dedicated you are to making your patients feel cared for and comfortable."

Dr. Brace is an expert when it comes to replacing lost teeth, eliminating the need for dentures or to stabilize loose dentures, and eradicating the need for denture adhesive. As an expert St Louis restorative dentist, Dr. Brace also restores teeth with cavities or that are cracked or broken in a highly natural and cosmetic way by using white mercury free fillings which are highly cosmetic, affordable and fully functional. A well-known cosmetic dental specialist, Dr. Brace is also a top-rated sedation dentist St Louis. attributes its success and rising popularity among St. Louis patients to quality dental services and attentive care, coupled with the latest technology in dentistry when restoring both implants and natural teeth

To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services of Dr. Barry Brace serving patients in St. Louis, Missouri, please visit for information.

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