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12-12-12 Wedding & Vow Renewal and Record-Setting Celebration in Ocean City, MD.

The Luckiest Day of the Century is spurring many couples to tie the knot for a good start to their married life. All over the world ceremonies will be taking place to celebrate this date. Ocean City, MD. hopes to host the largest in the U.S.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and forethought and most couples usually factor the time of the year into their plans but does the exact date ever come into play? A survey from David's Bridal shows more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot on an iconic date.

What better reason to rush into a quickie wedding make a lifetime commitment to the one you love than a sequential date. And, you DON'T have to go to Vegas to do just that!

12/12/12, also known as two weeks before Christmas, or even Wednesday - will give you that opportunity close by -
in Ocean City, MD.

To celebrate her 12th year of performing weddings on the beach, Pastor Mary is Hosting a 12-12-12 Wedding and Vow Renewal Event in Ocean City, MD. - with all couples saying "I DO" at exactly 12:12 p.m. ! 450 couples are expected to attend this once -in-a-lifetime-event and celebration.

"Not only will we have one huge ceremony, but the day will be filled with a catered reception at which all couples will celebrate,; there will be 12 different entertainment selections provided by Gig Masters; WedPics is premiering brand new technology that allows all couples to post photos from their phones immediately to one location, and family and friends can interact with them in real time. How cool is that?"
says Pastor Mary.

Sequential wedding dates are filled with romantic significance. And if that romantic significance means you won't forget your anniversary and end up sleeping in the doghouse, you are in luck.
Pastor Mary Mazzullo and Seacrets Nite Club and Restaurant, the most popular destination for visitors to Ocean City, are hosting the Largest 12-12-12 Wedding and Vow Renewal Celebration and all day party in the country. Seacrets will have their WebCams on all day so friends and family can enjoy the festivities in real-time from their computers! Photographers will be
on the sand and in the Nite Club and Tiki Bar, capturing photos all day.

"Local merchants are providing discounts and offers to the couples pouring into Ocean City. A Dessert Bar will be set up via co-operating bakeries, all while we are setting records for Largest Ceremony of Couples; Largest Parade of Brides and Grooms; Largest Reception of all Brides and Grooms; Largest TRASH THE GOWN event and Most photos uploaded in one day - LIVE - from one ceremony!". "Can it get better? Yes, it will! More surprises are being added nearly every day, and our couples will have even more reasons to dance the day away on 12-12-12"
smiles Pastor Mary Mazzullo.

Las Vegas celebrations, not counting airfare and hotel - range anywhere from $300 to $3000 !
This all-inclusive ceremony / reception and record-setting event is astonishingly priced at $350.

How can you top that? Winterfest of Lights will have many couples in love, riding the train. Horse and Carriage rides will be very popular, and Ocean City and Berlin will be welcoming couples who want to explore what our Eastern Shore has to offer in the winter as well as the summer. Get to Ocean City and be a part of History on 12-12-12.

To reserve your place in history on 12-12-12
Go To: 12-12-2012Weddings.com.
Detailed information is updated frequently to reflect new additions that couples will enjoy as part of their celebration. Pastor Mary Mazzullo is thrilled to have so many couples coming to Ocean City, MD. to celebrate her 12th Anniversary, and share their love on the Luckiest Date of the Century.

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