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Sometimes it's just the words someone uses during a conversation or the words on billboards, signs, and even passing phrases of wisdom that we hear, that trigger something within all of us to help us make decisions to act on love, push forward through the struggles of life, or even just to motivate us to be better. No matter what the scenario, famous and infamous quotes have been used and created by politicians, educators, civil rights activists and so many more to capture a world of emotion, thought, and motivation into only one or a few simple sentences.

The app, 1 Happy Thought, has set a course to put the power of quotes into the hands of people everywhere with the release of its new Android and iPhone mobile app. The mobile app is designed to reach out to the users' inner self and positively trigger the appropriate emotion or reaction needed at that time. Quote categories include motivational quotes, love quotes, happiness quotes, perseverance quotes, never giving up quotes, inspirational quotes, and even self improvement articles & series.

The 1 Happy Thought app also offers an extremely unique 10 pack series of quotes for love, happiness, chasing your dream, and even life lesson quotes. This series will be constantly updated just like every other quote in the different categories. These quotes are not only inspirational but also beautiful to look at.

For more information about this amazingly touching and unique mobile app, visit http://www.1HappyThought.com

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Android Store (Google): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ww1HappyThought&hl=en

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