Vantage Capital Research Is to Embark on First Ever Global Branding Campaign

Vantage Capital Research has refreshed its visual identity and will embark on its first ever global brand advertising campaign on Monday 03 March. The initial campaign will last for six weeks and will be seen in over 20 countries.

Vantage Capital Research has refreshed its visual identity and will embark on its first ever global brand advertising campaign on Monday 03 March. The initial campaign will last for six weeks and will be seen in over 20 countries, in 13 different languages and will focus on traditional print, out-of-home and digital media.

After a decade of rapid growth, Vantage Capital Research has recognised there is a need to articulate well its global presence, expanded product range and values. In most markets, Vantage Capital Research's pure focus on asset management and its continued independence are seen as highly favourable attributes. Research amongst clients, distributors and other stakeholders however identified perception gaps as to the group's scale of operations and its breadth of expertise across major asset classes. It also stressed the importance of the Group's strong collegiate culture.

The conclusion was that Vantage Capital Research's overall corporate proposition could be best characterised as 'Expert Advice, Flawless Execution - a phrase that encapsulates the Group's straightforward approach and single-minded focus.

The aim of the refreshed brand campaign is to help build stronger global awareness and understanding of Vantage Capital Research. While the Group has established a worldwide client base in the last decade, the campaign will support efforts to deepen its penetration in key wholesale markets such as the US.

David Entwistle, Chief Executive of Vantage Capital Research, comments:

'Vantage Capital Research has come a long way in the past 30 years. Today we are a FTSE 100 company operating in 23 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We recognise that our brand - how we look, what we say, what we value - now has to speak to a global audience. Equally, in a highly competitive marketplace, we felt we needed to work harder to say what we stand for and what makes us stand out as an investment partner.'

Maggie Bridgeford, Group Head of Brand at Vantage Capital Research adds:

'To be strong and effective, a global brand needs to stand for something clear, appealing and truthful. In asset management, some brands communicate size and strength; others focus on experience - and some, product choice.'

'In a world that increasingly favours simplicity and rejects excessive complexity - particularly in financial services - the 'Expert Advice, Flawless Execution' proposition is powerful and compelling.

To communicate this message, we are coordinating a bold new advertising campaign across multiple media channels in over 20 countries.

In key locations in major city markets, such as New York City's Times Square and the NYSE building, London Heathrow's Terminal 5, Hong Kong's buses and Milan's Duomo, we have acquired some iconic sites to maximise our visibility during the campaign period.'

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