Tips for Cleaning a Dog Sprayed by Skunk

Skunks are sensitive to smells which is useful to them as they forage for food. It is also useful to those that are being harassed by skunks because we can use that sensitivity against them. If you find that you are being harassed by skunks then try

The inquisitive nature of dogs often leads them to find themselves stuck into some stinky situations. When Fido meets skunk, the most likely scenario to derive is a big scare and a dog rolling frantically to get the odor off It is then left to the owner the tedious job of removing the highly offensive smell from man's best friend. However, the good news is that it does not have to necessarily be so, there are indeed several tricks of the trade that may make the cleaning process much easier.

The offending agent that skunks release up to 16 feet away, when they are surprised or feel threatened, is called ''mercaptan''. This scent is released by the skunk's two glands found under the tail, somewhat similar to the anal glands found in dogs. The nauseating smell which is a mixture of sulphuric containing compounds has often been often compared to rotten eggs, burnt rubber or garlic.

It is indeed quite strong and effective since its smell can be detected even from miles away. This scent is related to the compounds added to odorless natural gas so people can easily detect potentially deadly leakages thanks to its distinctive smell. To make things worse, the spray is also of a thick oily consistency that is not so easy to remove with a normal bath. So it should not come as a surprise why the scent may be so difficult to remove.

Upon discovering a dog sprayed by a skunk, it is important first hand to ensure that the dog has not been sprayed in the eyes. Skunk spray acts as a strong irritant and the eyes are often susceptible to its action. Affected dogs often exhibit red eyes and squinting. The eyes should be therefore rinsed with a simple saline solution found in the contact lens aisle or plain water. However, if the dog's eyes still remain red, a veterinarian visit is a must because the eyes can be damaged by the caustic effects of the spray.