SBS Consulting Fulfills a Range of Critical Corporate Needs of Singapore Businesses

With the provision of critical corporate services that includes Singapore taxation, accounting, auditing & payroll, SBS Consulting simplifies the business processes of Singapore enterprises.

A tremendous increase in the competition of doing business in Singapore has forced many companies to outsource their key non-core requirements to corporate service providers. Out of the many non-core tasks which need to be accomplished by a business entity, the most prominent and critical ones are the tax, accounting, auditing and payroll requirements. Therefore, with a view to relieve the companies from the burden of such pivotal tasks, SBS Consulting is ready to take the responsibility for fulfilling such needs of Singapore businesses.

"Our services pertaining to Singapore accounting, auditing, taxation Singapore and payroll have been engaged by renowned business houses of Singapore. Our client testimonials suggest that we have been able to meet & satisfy their needs to great effect, so much so that, many small & medium enterprises of the country also prefer to hire us for the fulfillment of their non-core essential business needs," said the business head of SBS Consulting.

The firm's Singapore tax services encompass the tax planning in Singapore, tax filing, tax calculation and other tax complaint needs of companies. Furthermore, such services deal with all forms of Singapore taxes such as corporate income tax Singapore, Singapore personal income tax, goods and services tax Singapore, property tax and withholding tax.

When it comes to the accounting services, the firm has the reputation of being a top-notch accounting firm in Singapore which is adept in the compilation, preparation & maintenance of a company's financial statements, handling of accounts receivables & payables, bank reconciliations, recording of full set of account transactions and many more. The firm's adherence to the Singapore accounting standards also makes it one of the most reliable accounting firms in Singapore.
As far as the Singapore auditing is concerned, SBS Consulting offers the services of statutory & non-statutory audits, internal audit and financial audit. The firm's experienced team of auditors has made it into one of the finest audit firms in Singapore.

Finally, the Singapore payroll services complete the quartet of SBS Consulting's essential services. The payroll services of the firm comprises of salary processing of employees, payslip generation, management of recruitment, ECI filing formalities, allowances & deductions management and so on.

About SBS Consulting:

SBS Consulting is a reputed corporate service provider in Singapore which offers a range of important non-core services such as taxation, accounting, auditing, payroll, company incorporation, corporate secretarial and immigration visa services. The firm's domain experts are highly qualified and experienced enough to promptly deliver the services to Singapore businesses in a cost-effective manner.

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