ProfitAgent Forex - Get the Latest on ProfitAgent + Bonus

Get the latest details on the new ProfitAgent automated forex trading software by Dustin Pass from a forex software review site that is offering a bonus to visitors.

The latest on the new ProfitAgent forex trading software is that it is expected to hit the market for general release in late August to early September 2012. ProfitAgent is forex trading software designed for automated currency trading.

More specifically, ProfitAgent is a brand new 100% automated forex trading software platform based product. This means that ProfitAgent is designed to be setup on a 3rd party platform, so that there is no need to install the software on a local computer. This makes the ProfitAgent software more accessible to the average person that may have limited technical skills. Since it is 100% automated, it is also accessible to people that do not have a lot of trading experience but still want to give forex trading a try.

ProfitAgent is used to fully automate forex trades according to certain entry and exit trading rules built into the system. While some forex trading stategies are very aggressive and attempt to make big returns in a short time, ProfitAgent employs a more conservative longer term strategy.

The automation features of the ProfitAgent software allow users to follow the specific trading system rules consistently over time. This is something that is not always easy to achieve with manual trading systems where emotional reactions to market conditions can prevent a trading system from being executed exactly as originally intended. As with all forex systems, it is always a good idea to test ProfitAgent out fully on a practice account to ensure it behaves as expected before trading it with a real money account.

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