Newswire National Distribution Network

Newswire's best performing press release distribution option, which utilizes the most expansive domestic distribution network to get your press release in front of top TV, Print, Radio and Digital media outlets in nationally including major outlets like The Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Business Journals, and local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates. The Newswire National Network also distributes your press release to over 6,000 online, local, regional, national, international and industry media outlets including Google News, Digital Journal, Associated Press, Benzinga, Yahoo! Finance, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal with expanded distribution to top local and regional publications across all 50 states.

Designed to maximize reach and results, the Newswire National Network is a great option for companies looking to gain exposure, increase media connectivity, and maximize SEO value at a national level.

Sample list of media reached: