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Distinguished Los Angeles Violinmaker, Benning Violins, to Publish Quarterly "Resonance" E-zine

According to Eric Benning, Resonance will become "one more voice joining in an already-existing vibrational chorus" thanks to a resurgent online classical music culture.

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Fowl Feathered Review Debut

Fowlpox Press has released its debut quarterly, which features writers, artists, and musicians from around the globe.

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USA - Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q1 2012

Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q1 2012 - USA

Analysis of individual beverage categories including full year 2011 volumes, plus 2012 forecasts
Supporting text on quarterly performance and forecast assumptions for each beverage category
Economic “mood indicator” http://www.bharatbook.com/beverages-market-research-reports/quarterly-beverage-tracker-q1-2012-usa.html