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Medical experts in the Asia Pacific region warn against further complications resulting from antibiotic misuse

Singapore: Antibiotic resistance is currently a great concern in the medical community. It leads to several adverse effects including a longer hospital stay, higher morbidity, mortality, and economic cost. Currently the greatest apprehension is that we are entering the era of "superbugs" where the existent bacteria are becoming more resistant to all antibiotics we have. We are running out of new antibiotics that can combat new resistance mechanisms.

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MD Conference Finder Bags 2013 EHealthcare Leadership Award

MD Conference Finder Recognized as a Winner at 2013 eHealthcare Leadership Awards at Healthcare Internet Conference 2013 in New Orleans

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Medical Conferences - It's Not Just for Announcing Trial Results Any More

Leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly leveraging global medical conferences for more than just touting or defending their latest trial results.