Audit Firms in Singapore Provide Services for Financial and Operational Domains of a Business: SBS Consulting

The term 'audit' is not meant to elicit a shudder in the business owner. It is actually a very useful process, which every business should go through.

"Just the word 'audit' is enough to send chills down the spine of a business owner. However, if all the financial documents are up to date and the operational controls are tight enough, then fear should not be a business owner's ally. Once a business gets itself audited, it comes out afresh, raring to leap into success. It is just a type of cleansing done to make the company run in full steam," said an expert auditor at SBS Consulting.

He further added, "We at SBS provide services mainly in the domains of finance, operations, and strategic planning." Describing the services mentioned by him in detail, the auditing service vendors deal with financial aspect of a business, as the most important component of an audit. They start with analyzing the current and prior year's financial statements, to verify if the finances are in order or not, and if the reports are generated on time. They also review cash management procedures, accounting policies and controls, trial balance accounts and relationships with creditors.

Next domain of audit services is the operational area of the business. 'Risk management' is the umbrella term that is usually used for managing a host of problems including fraud, poor management, managerial clashes, security breaches within the information technology system, and so on. Based on the company's requirement, the auditor checks all these areas thoroughly, and generates an exhaustive report.

"We try to form an enriching relationship with the client by providing audit service ( ) that goes beyond the scope of simply auditing. If a necessity arises, we can provide oversight with capital restructuring or with the complete overhaul or upgrade of the internal system like accounting, Information technology infrastructure. As a part of our audit service Singapore, we also help to design plans that can shore up the systems and instill tighter security," said the auditor in his concluding statement.

About SBS Consulting:
Since 2010, SBS Consulting has been the pioneering auditing firm in Singapore. The audit services provided by us are of finest quality. We have a team of veteran auditors who are masters is their respective Singapore auditing domains. We have imparted our services in auditing Singapore to many national and international clienteles. Other than being an auditing firm, SBS also provides services related company formation, bookkeeping & accounting, taxation, company secretarial, immigration and visa.