Arm The Animals Tees Raise Funds For Shelter With Graphics That "Bite"

Arm The Animals creates killer T-Shirts that make a statement, raise awareness and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues. We know we can't save every "at-risk" animal, but we CAN save some!

Creating Bold Statements Through T-Shirts To Generate Crucial Funds for Shelters

In early 2011 longtime friends Matthew Heinemeyer and Danian Rios partnered to launch Arm the Animals Clothing. It was out of their apartment in Pasadena CA, where they began designing, producing and shipping their Arm The Animals or (ATA) branded shirts. They set out to create an affordable t-shirt line dedicated to making witty, thought provoking designs that raise awareness and generate funds for animal care organizations in need.

The inspiration behind Arm the Animals came when Heinemeyer's older sister passed away suddenly in 2008 at the young age of 40. Prior to her passing, Karen had dedicated her entire life to saving and sheltering unwanted animals. When she passed she had a total of 12 unwanted animals living with her, hence her passion for animals was clear.

Three years later Arm The Animals has grown out of the Pasadena apartment and into a successful company that ships thousands of shirts and accessories all over the globe. Over the last three years Arm The Animals has been able to help dozens of rescues and save the lives of countless animals. When asked why he thinks the response has been so great, CEO Matt Heinemeyer responded, "I think it's a mix between the witty designs, the simplicity of the idea, and of course, the great causes we support - we're literally saving animals one shirt at a time."

Arm The Animals has garnered a sizable and loyal fan following which includes celebrities such as Ashley Greene, Lena Heady, Shannon Elizabeth, Zac Brown, Serj Tankian, Jackson Galaxy and Shanna Moakler just to name a few. Heinemeyer stated "All of the support that we have received has truly been amazing. Animal lovers come from all walks of life and our cause is one that speaks to so many. Our supporters is what has made ATA possible and we are extremely grateful to the celebrities that have gotten behind us and have been so selfless in their efforts."

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About Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals is a tee-shirt company that raises money for cash-strapped animal care organizations! They create unique, witty, high quality t-shirts that truly make a statement while raising money for animal care organizations that are low on funds, while raising awareness about the critical issue of responsible animal stewardship.